Postal services in the EU

A study aims at providing the European Parliament’s TRAN Committee with an overview of the EU postal services sector, including recent developments, and recommendations for EU policy-makers on how to further stimulate growth and competitiveness of the sector.

The EU postal and delivery sector is significant to the EU economy, but should not be taken for granted, given the important transformations it is going through.
• Digitalisation has been dictating the main transformations of the postal sector in recent years, leading to a decrease in letter post volumes and an increase in e-commerce parcels.
• In response to the developments of the EU postal sector, postal operators have been innovating their business models and national postal regulations have changed substantially.
• To ensure that there is a viable postal operator going forward, the postal regulatory paradigm must be kept in sync with changing market realities, shifting the priority of policies from the promotion of competition to the sustainability of the sector, accounting for national market realities.

The full text of the study is attached here: IPOL_STU(2019)629201_EN (1)



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