Joint Declaration on Training in the Digital Era

The profound transformation of the postal sector in recent years is partly due to a significant
decline in mail volumes and the diversification of products and services offered to customers.
All this occurred in an open market that encouraged postal operators to modernize their
businesses by adapting to emerging and various market needs.
Naturally, the transformation process led to new opportunities and new challenges, not only on
the aspects related to the market, but also those related to work organization, labour market,
training and employment.
New technologies are increasingly influencing how work is done in postal companies as well as
changing the consumer needs. New products, services and commercial methods such as ecommerce,
in addition to technical and organizational changes, pose new challenges relating to
the skills’ needs in evolving work organizations.

The full text could be read here: joint-declaration-on-training-in-the-digital-era-dec-2019_1578664158



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