The Future of the work – do not panic!

We are used to thinking about artificial intelligence (AI) in the future tense, speculating how
technological developments in this area will affect us. While we use (too much of) our
energy trying to figure out what to expect in the future, we sometimes miss the point that
AI and robotisation have already started transforming our daily lives.
The markets for robotics and AI are growing fast. Recent forecasts suggest that global
spending on robots will be USD 188 billion in 2020, up from less than half that amount in
2016. By 2025, the worldwide AI market is forecasted to grow to USD 59 billion, a
significant increase from the USD 1.8 billion spent in 2016. While the extensive uptake of
AI and robotics is likely to generate higher productivity growth, which is urgently needed in
ageing societies, it will also bring certain challenges.
What do recent technological developments in AI and robotisation foreshadow for the
future of work? Should you be worried or excited? Which jobs will be destroyed and which
new ones created? Who will help you if you lose your job due to automation? What is the
role that education systems, businesses, governments and social partners have to play in
managing the upcoming societal transitions? These are some of the questions this report
will try to answer.

The full study is at:AIFutureofWorkreport


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