The Project

The DIRESOC project aims to contribute to a better understanding of the impact of digitalisation in European societies. It will to analyse the digitalisation as a cause of companies restructuring and highlighting the role of social dialogue.


In particular, the DIRESOC project intends:

– to assess the impact of digitalisation on different levels (labour market, sector, company) and to list different forms of restructurings linked to digitalisation;
– to document the role of the collective bargaining in a selection of sectors and businesses affected by digitalisation. It will consider as well its capacity to anticipate and regulate the digitalisation  consequences in different EU countries and the Europe-wide.;
– to provide policy makers and social partners with insights for action on national and transnational level. The objective – to improve the social dialogue and its capacity to anticipate restructuring and its consequences at national level.

Despite the focus on the above topics in the last years, the conclusions about the net impact of digitalisation on the world of labour remain controversial and leave room for debate. The main reason is  that the nature, shape and scope of this impact are influenced not only by technological developments, but also by economic, social and institutional factors at national, sectoral and company level. Important  role have as well the social partners (employers and trade unions). It is not only a matter of changes driven by technology alone.  This is why it is necessary to put the social partners at the centre of reflexions about the digital revolution.

Assessing the capacity of the social dialogue for socially responsible restructuring, the DIRESOC will contribute to reveal obstacles and to identify inspiring solutions the for the efficient and decisive participation of social partners.