WP3 – Country case studies

The selected industries for this project – bank/insurance, tourism, postal sectors and manufacturing industries have been studied through a case study methodology in order toassess impact of digitalisation within specific enterprises. Variables such as changes in the value chain, restructuring of business models and diversification of contractors were scrutinized. The case studies had to highlight as well how the sectoral social partners deal with the digitalisation of the economy.

Each country partner produced one or two national case study’s reports analysing the data collected under specified terms. The case studies were based on a common framework proposed by the WP leader and the project coordinator.

Once the case studies were ready, a comparative analysis was made and a synthesis report – drafted on their basis.

Synthesis reportWP3_Synthesis report

Belgium case studies:

Bulgarian case studies:

French case study:

Italian case studies:

Portuguese case studies:

Spanish case studies:

Swedish case study:

German case studies: