WP1 – Literary review and experts’ interviews.


It’s tasks are: to collect the existing data on the digitalisation in the 4 sectors between the EU countries and to explain the terms in which national debate on digitalisation and its impacts for labor markets and companies is formulated by different stakeholders.

The first step of this WP is the literature review. The data source is mainly desk research: different policy of stakeholders’s documents ( reports, position papers and so on), statistics, academic and managerial literature etc.

Sectoral source should be used in order to give an overview of the specific situation in each of the 4 sectors to consider in research:Tourism, Financial services ( bank/insurance), Postal services (extended to delivery services) and Manufacturing industries.

Each national case for WP1  include at least 12 interviews. The interviews are recorded and in some cases transcribed.

Each partner country produces a national report analysing the data collected from the desk research and the interviews.

National report of Spain – DIRESOC_Spain country report

National report of Italy – DIRESOC_Italy country report

National report of Germany – DIRESOC_Germany country report

National report of France –  DIRESOC_France country report

National report of Bulgaria – DIRESOC_Bulgaria country report

National report of Portugal – DIRESOC_Portugal country report

National report of Belgium- DIRESOC_Belgium country report