Project coordinator – LENTIC (University of Liège) Research Center in New Ways of Working, Innovation and Change

The LENTIC is a research-action centre in HEC-Liège. For many years it has been multiplying its research and involvement with organizations, focused on the processes of change as well as the organizational and human aspects of such processes. The LENTIC has developed internationally recognized expertise. We carry out research projects, and provide advice and support in Belgium and internationally. Our expertise is based on alternating between working with private and public bodies and subsidized research projects. This constant concern to test theory on the ground gives its expertise real added value.

Legal representative: Pr Pierre Wolper – Rector University of Liège

Contact : Frédéric Naedenoen, Senior Researcher –


Project partner 2 – Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (ISSK-BAS) Bulgaria

ISSK-BAS was founded in July 2010 by decision of the General Assembly of the Academy as the successor of the Institute for Philosophical Research, of the Institute of Sociology, and of the Centre for Science Studies and History of Science. The ISSK-BAS is the main national research centre in the sphere of social sciences in Bulgaria. The Institute carries out fundamental and applied research, consulting and expert activities, and training of highly-qualified specialists, and it benefits institutions such as the European Commission, the national government and especially the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, municipalities and public agencies.

Legal representative:  Prof. DSc Veselin Petrov- Director

Contact: DIRESOC Researcher: Vassil Kirov


13A Moskovska Str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria


mobile: +359 887779179


Project partner 3  –  Fondazione Di Vittorio (FDV)

Founded by the trade union confederation CGIL, is its national institute for historical, social, and economic research, and for trade union education and training. The FDV reaffirms and strengthens the centrality of its activities around the core issues of work and employment, economics and welfare. Based on studies, research and targeted surveys, it aims to develop proposals on the great issues affecting the country, organizing public conferences and seminars to debate and rethink public policies, in collaboration with the other bodies in the Confederation at all sectoral and territorial levels.

Very active at the European, is member of the ETUI-TURI network and of many other projects consortiums, in the field of the social and labour studies. Promoter and coordinator itself of several actions, in particular regarding the social dialogue and the industrial relations.

Legal representative:  Fulvio Fammoni

Sito Web:


Tel .: ++ 39 06 857971

Project partner 4 – Institute of Social Sciences from the University of Lisbon (ICS-ULisboa)

The ICS-ULisboa is a Portuguese interdisciplinary research centre belonging to the University of Lisbon. With 56 years, the ICS-ULisboa has 123 full time researchers and more than 300 students in advanced studies. It gathers many different areas of the social sciences: sociology, political science, history, geography, anthropology, social psychology, planning studies. The Institute, which was evaluated in 2014 as ’Institution of Excellence’ by international ESF panels, succeed in recent years four European Research Council Grants besides dozens of both European and national projects.

Legal representative:
Dr. Karin Wall – Director


DIRESOC Researcher: Raquel Rego –
Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa
Av. Prof. Aníbal de Bettencourt, 9 1600-189 Lisboa PORTUGAL
Tel.: +351 217804700

Raquel Rego is a Portuguese sociologist and currently a Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences from the University of Lisbon. She received her doctorate in 2007 from Lille University 1 and ISCTE-Lisbon University Institute. Her research interests include industrial relations and restructuring, among others. Raquel has been a member of the IRENE network since 2013.
Further information can be found here: .

Project partner 7: European Labour Institute (ELI)- Bulgaria.

ELI was established in 2002. Its main activities are: implementation of Bulgarian and EU programs and initiatives in the social and labour field; project development on topics related with: the working conditions, the mobility and the flexicurity of the workers, the active citizenship, the corporate social responsibility, the new forms of work, the technological innovations, the social dialogue in the “new world of work”, awareness rising on the impact of the 4th industrial revolution on the working process and the industrial relations and – training for digital skills and competences of the workers in RES and postal services sectors etc.

Legal representative and national project manager: eng. Irina Terzyiska –  Chair of BD of ELI

Mobile: +359 887807691
Correspondence address: 162 Kniaz Boris str, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Project partner 8: Fundación Cultural 1º de Mayo (Spain)

Fundación 1 º de Mayo is a private, nonprofit organization, founded in 1988 by the Spanish Trade Union “Confederación Sindical de Comisiones Obreras”. Its main activities are to promote and develop studies, research debate on major social, economic and political issues that affect workers and topics such as: industrial relations; changes in production, technological and scientific labour market; equal opportunities; training; social protection; migration and integration of migrants; environment; and improving the quality of life. Foundation 1º de Mayo is member of different national and international networks, and founding member of the Trade Union related Research Institutes network (TURI).

Legal representative: Ramón Gorriz. President of Fundación 1º de Mayo

Phones: +34 913640601