Shaping the future of work collectively

  Purely assessing job losses and gains is one way of looking at the impact of digitalisation on the workplace. Based on this assessment, you can only decide whether digitalisation is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Increasingly, however, trade unions are realising that this amounts to gazing into a crystal ball, especially when they don’t know which […]

DIRESOC- Spain national report

 Social dialogue in Spain has played a fundamental role as a socio-economic governance mechanism since the country’s return to democracy in the second half of 1970s, both at tripartite and bipartite level. The evolution of social dialogue during the last decades, however, has been far from being linear. Thus, the tripartite social dialogue has undergone […]

Kick off meeting

The kick-off took place in Brussels on the 28th of March, 2018. The leaders of the WPs presented their plans for the fulfillment of the project’s tasks. Project’s actions before the 1st project meeting have been discussed and determined as contents and deadlines. For the WP1 – Literature review and experts interviews, the leader has […]