Kick off meeting

The kick-off took place in Brussels on the 28th of March, 2018. The leaders of the WPs presented their plans for the fulfillment of the project’s tasks.

Project’s actions before the 1st project meeting have been discussed and determined as contents and deadlines.

For the WP1 – Literature review and experts interviews, the leader has to draft a framework to guide the partners in their studies.

For WP3 – A suggestion for the case studies per country (at least 2) was made, as follows:

  • Belgium: depending on the other sectors selected
  • Sweden: manufacturing (Volvo Trucks)
  • Germany: manufacturing
  • Bulgaria: Post and Bank
  • France: Post and insurance
  • Italy: Bank and post
  • Portugal: tourism (probably)
  • Spain: Tourism / Bank

For WP5 – Dissemination and communication activities – the website will be designed on the WordPress Platform. A subcontractor has to be chosen (among 3 Bulgarian offers) for its development. The Coordinator is responsible for the hosting and the domain of the website. As soon as the access of the host is open, the selected BG subcontractor will present its first draft worked out in collaboration with the WP5. The development of the website will be fulfilled in accordance with the agreement and the contributions of all partners.

The location of the first project meeting will be Madrid in September.



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