The platform economy and social law: Key issues in comparative perspective

The topic of the platform economy and its social effects has been the subject of ongoing academic interest and social debate for many years now. Despite the fact that numerous studies have been published, the subject remains difficult to grasp and contextualise due to a lack of accurate and reliable data – in particular in […]

Article on DIRESOC published in an academic journal

The increasing digitalisation of work poses unprecedented challenges to labor law, welfare systems and worker representation. In a scenario of uncertain occupational prospects, the old boundaries between industry and services fade, as well as those between subordination and autonomy in the employment relationship. The cognitive enrichment and the empowerment of certain occupations corresponds to the […]

Presentation of DIRESOC at an International Conference

    Last April, the first results of the Diresoc project (WP1) were introduced during the International interdisciplinary conference on HRM Congres in Goteborg by Pr. Ola Bergstrom (Sweden), Mr. Mohammad Ismail (Sweden), Pr. Vassil Kirov (Bulgaria) & Mr. Frédéric Naedenoen (Belgium).