Stocktaking report on the application of the EU Quality Framework for anticipation of change and restructuring

Company restructuring refers to a wide range of different activities which lead to the
reorganisation of an enterprise. It is part of the natural life of companies in social market
economies, as a way of adapting to a changing environment. It is important for
companies to be able to adapt to and/or anticipate structural changes (due to
globalisation, digitisation, ageing of the population, etc.) and build resilience against
short-term economic shocks (e.g. fluctuations in energy or raw material prices, etc.) in
order to stay competitive. Causes for restructuring can be external to the company
(technological or environmental change, changes in regulation policy, etc.) or internal
(new management, decisions related to specialisation, over-indebtedness, etc.) and the
outcome can be either a net loss of jobs or a net creation of jobs, in the case for instance
of company expansion.
For many years the EU has played an active role in establishing a legal framework for
better anticipation and socially responsible management of restructuring. The Union has
also been developing policies and funding opportunities in this area for a long time and it
has played an essential role in the past in supporting the restructuring of specific sectors,
such as the car and steel industry, and more recently in shipbuilding

For more information: KE-02-18-955-EN-N


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