2nd Transnational Workshop Rome, 25/6/2019 FDV/CGIL, C.so d’Italia 25 (Sala “F. Santi”)

Digitization and restructuring in a comparative perspective: which role for the social dialogue

 Workshop Minutes by  (Salvo Leonardi – FDV, Marine Franssen & Frédéric Naedenoen, LENTIC)

The workshop held in Rome the 25th of June was the second transnational one of the EC funded project DIRESOC, after the one held in Madrid, last September.

The discussion was very rich and dense, from 9,30am to 5pm, with a number of high level contributions from academics, experts and social partners. At the end of the day, 55 participants has signed their attendance to the workshop, among which trade unionists, experts, mangers/executives and students. For the Italian audience, it was an opportunity to be informed about the state of art of the action and its first findings, with a cross-countries and cross-sectoral comparison, which perhaps is what so far has been lacking in part of the domestic discussions and debates.

After the welcome greetings of the local organizers, Frederic Neadenoen, on behalf of the project coordinator institute (LENTIC, Liege), gave a short presentation of the project, in terms of rationale, work plan and expected results.

For more information:  Workshop in Roma_FV


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