Impact of restructuring on working conditions

Restructuring is a major feature of labour markets and work organisation. Data collected by Eurofound’s European Restructuring Monitor (ERM) clearly show this. While organisational restructuring is necessary for business survival and growth, it can take a heavy toll on employees – not least the ‘stayers’ or ‘survivors’ who manage to keep their jobs. Given that […]

Restructuring: do union still matter?

Trade unions in many EU Member States face the issue of declining membership. This is a fundamental challenge for organised labour, but it is premature to speak about the redundancy unions: when it comes to important decisions affecting the workplace, restructuring being one, trade unions remain a powerful mechanism of employee voice. Latest data from […]

What will the postal sector look like till 2030?

European postal social partners finalised the project “Trend research for the postal Sector in 2030” conducted in 2018-2019. The project enabled the European social partners to elaborate 5 possible joint scenarios on the postal sector in 2030. Throughout the course of the project it permitted the social partners to stage highly interactive workshops, to brainstorm […]

Postal services in the EU

A study aims at providing the European Parliament’s TRAN Committee with an overview of the EU postal services sector, including recent developments, and recommendations for EU policy-makers on how to further stimulate growth and competitiveness of the sector. The EU postal and delivery sector is significant to the EU economy, but should not be taken […]