What will the postal sector look like till 2030?

European postal social partners finalised the project “Trend research for the postal Sector in 2030” conducted in 2018-2019. The project enabled the European social partners to elaborate 5 possible joint scenarios on the postal sector in 2030. Throughout the course of the project it permitted the social partners to stage highly interactive workshops, to brainstorm and think out of the box on the future of the sector.

The results of the project, with in particular the scenarios and the methodology to elaborate them, are published in the project final report which is available in English and French.

In order to strengthen the communication around the possible scenarios, a communication booklet has also been published. It presents the 5 scenarios in a short and dynamic manner. The project consisted of a prospective study on the future of the postal sector, in particular from a social perspective. Trends impacting the postal industry have been identified and respective future scenarios were created jointly by European social partners.

From a content-perspective, the project enabled the group to elaborate 5 plausible scenarios on possible futures of the postal sector in 2030. These scenarios were built jointly by the European social partners who actively contributed to each step of the scenario planning process. These 5 scenarios are very different one from another and also depict some more and some less desirable futures. All of them are, nevertheless, balanced with positive and negative aspects in order to portray possible and realistic futures. On this basis, initial recommendations were elaborated by the European social partners.

The booklet is attached here:SDC2019-A4-Brochure-landscape


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