The Future of the work – do not panic!

We are used to thinking about artificial intelligence (AI) in the future tense, speculating how technological developments in this area will affect us. While we use (too much of) our energy trying to figure out what to expect in the future, we sometimes miss the point that AI and robotisation have already started transforming our […]

The policy momentum on digital transformations and the future of work (FoW) is building and is resulting in recommendations at the EU level. In past innovation cycles, the active involvement of both social partners in updating standards and bargaining fair framework conditions have proven to deliver more inclusive results. However, in the post structural reform […]

Digitising European Industry

The European Commission is promoting various initiatives aimed at increasing training in digital skills for the workforce and for consumers; modernising education across the EU; harnessing digital technologies for learning and for the recognition and validation of skills; and anticipating and analysing skills needs. A strong digital economy is vital for innovation, growth, jobs and […]