Future of work study

22% of organizations automated jobs in 2019, and among those that did automate, they estimated 2.8% of overall jobs were impacted at their organization • While Manufacturing is often an area considered for automation, we are seeing heavier automation activity in HR, Finance and Data Analytics • For reskilling activity, we see heavier concentration in industries like Transportation and Production (e.g. Manufacturing) • Production roles being reskilled are more likely to require passing a proficiency exam, while business, education and office positions are less likely to require an exam • Organizations on average begin reskilling efforts 7.5 months prior to job elimination • An examination of over 5.4 million job listings conducted by Greenwich.HR indicates that for jobs more likely to be automated, over the last two years companies have increased emphasis on context-specific requirements and decreased emphasis on general knowledge and experience requirements.

For more information: 20200819_Future+of+Work+Study


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