Final DIRESOC Conference

The Final Conference ‘took place’ in a virtual Conference hall (in an on-line format) and was attended by 120 participants (registered people) including the speakers. Interpretation was assured for the following languages: EN, FR,SP,PT,BG. The Conference was open by the representative of the DIRESOC project coordinators –  Frederec Naedenoen – Univesrity of Liege The speakers […]

Final conference invitation of the DIRESOC project

The Consortium of DIRESOC project has the pleasure to invite you to the virtual final conference of the DIRESOC project on Tuesday 20th October 2020. The final conference will be organised around three presentations exposing the main results of the project, followed each time by a discussion panel of experts, union and employers representatives. An […]


»Trade Unions in Transformation 4.0« examines unions’ strategic actions to mobilize power resources in a »new world of work« in which capital uses digital technology to re-organize the labour process. The Global Trade Union Programme of the FES aims to understand how the power balance between capital and labour is impacted and how workers are […]

Lessons from the DIRESOC project

Digitalisation has been at the forefront of academic and public sphere attention for several years. Carried out by a network of independent academic experts and trade unions’ related research institutes, the DIRESOC project intended to contribute to a better understanding of the way social dialogue may play a role in shaping the ongoing processes of […]

Eexecutive summary of the DIRESOC WP3 report in Spanish

The executive summary of the WP3 report (Spanish) has been uploaded into the web of “RELATS”, in the section “Empleo digital” (Digital employment). RELATS is the acronym for the “Red Española y Latinoamericana de Trabajo y Sindicalismo” (Spanish and Latin American Network of Work and Trade Unionism”). The aim of this network is to promote […]